Become a OneNote Ninja with this Powerful workflow !

a workflow with linked notes and a table of content

Version :  √ OneNote desktop

I have made a video about a workflow combining Table of Content & Docked pages on the occasion of the Learn OneNote conference 2016. Since the conference is over, the video is no longer available for free, but you can order a copy on Jared DeCamp’ web site, the organizer of the conference, or watch it on You Tube here.

After an introduction of Viewing options (so you can get the most of Full Page View), the workflow is explained at the 13th minute of the video.

But if you prefer to read at your own pace, follow this link to read my blog post about this workflow.

Other really great videos have being broadcasted from 21 OneNote expert’ users, eager to share their passion for this awesome productivity software, and specific ways of using it to match their professional (or personal) needs. Please refer to the Learn OneNote conference 2016 web site for a comprehensive list, and subscribe to a Life Time access pass to get your copy of the video.

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